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nutty divers
My name is Matt I am a commercial and recreational diver. When I am not diving this is my hobby I like to make these model nut and bolt divers ...
26 May Wednesday, 12:58 PM
by mattiboy
treasure diving
would like to know if anyone knew my dad who did alot of diving in around this area. His name is Geno Giuliani. He passed away and I would like to ...
25 April Sunday, 10:11 PM
by Hiliary Giuliani
Register with the commercial divers database!
Hi All, We have recently launched www.diving-work.com This is a web based database(Not Website with junk on it!) It allows divers and companies ...
Diving - Work
5 January Tuesday, 11:36 AM
by Diving - Work
Graf Zeppelin (Expedition to the only German WWII Aircraft Carrier)
Dear All, Finally! We are preparing a scientific expedition to the Graf Zeppelin. As we are producing a documentary about the mysteries of this ...
Deep Wreck Project
14 February Saturday, 11:03 PM
by Deep Wreck Project
Dive Master
My boyfriend and I are looking for a place to complete our DM course and work as well. We want somewhere with good diving but more important is th ...
17 January Wednesday, 3:58 PM
by amrb
BSoUP International Focus-on competition
The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) is introducing its first ever International Focus-On competition on 17 August 2005. Pho ...
Jane Morgan
14 August Sunday, 10:15 PM
by Jane Morgan
Dedicated wreck forum
We have a new Wreck Diving Forum on www.deepimage.co.uk this is a dedicated shipwreck forum for discoveries of new shipwrecks around the world. A ...
Leigh Bishop
10 July Sunday, 12:51 AM
by Leigh Bishop
My brother lives there ( runs birdwatching tours all over S Am. but doesn't dive). Are there any good dive sites/organisations in Brazil? If I vis ...
10 July Sunday, 12:51 AM
by Leigh Bishop